Current Projects

Aside from my day job at Adobe building products for the creative world, and my seed investing, there are a few projects I am focused on...



I am a technology and design advisor for sweetgreen, a values-driven locally-sourced seasonal kitchen, and served on the board. sweetgreen is a collection of over 70 locally-sourced seasonal kitchens across the country. The company is led by a values-driven team focused on building community and leveraging the latest design and technology to create incredible customer experiences. Learn more and find your nearest sweetgreen here.



I am a board member/co-founder for Prefer, a referral network and community for independent professionals (aka Soloists) to support each others' careers by referring each others' services. Personal coaches, real-estate agents, accountants, personal chefs, photographers, and many other professionals are actively using Prefer to grow their businesses. Learn more about Prefer and consider joining your local Soloist Collective chapter.

The Messy Middle

For the past seven years, I've had a side project chronicling insights and tactics for navigating the middle of bold creative projects and new ventures. I've brought it all together for a new book, THE MESSY MIDDLE, being published in October 2018. You can pre-order the book here. I am excited to ship this project after navigating my own long middle pulling it together.


I also spend a good amount of time with founders and teams in my portfolio - providing support on product, optimizing product/design teams, communications strategy, go-to-market, and navigating the messy middle



Projects On Behance

A selection of projects from a decade leading Behance, developing a brand, and building products and services for the creative world.