I’ve been a seed-stage investor since 2010, focused on co-founding and/or investing in early-stage companies in the consumer space. I am a product design and consumer-behavior-enthusiast at heart, following a career as an entrepreneur (Behance), executive (Adobe), and a quick stint as a traditional VC at Benchmark (before becoming a Venture Partner). I support mission-driven teams that value design and are solving a problem by connecting and empowering people.



Early-Stage Investments

Amino, Anchor, August, Blink Health, Contently, Earnest, eShares, FiftyThree (Paper), Flexport, Fundera, HyperScience, Lumi, MakeSpace, ManagedByQ, The Noun Project, Operator, Outdoor Voices, Paddle8, Periscope, Pinterest, Shyp, Sols, sweetgreen, TicTail, Thrive Market, Uber, Warby Parker, and a few others in the early stages.







Key areas I focus on with teams in my portfolio:

  1. Product - specifically crafting the first mile, structuring a design-driven product team, blending copy and UX, optimizing the defaults, considering ego analytics, and other fun stuff.
  2. Go-To-Market - determining the right beta audiences, iterating sales/growth initiatives, priming network effects, and building the right KPIs/analytics.
  3. Narrative - positioning is as important for the team’s perspective of their own product as it is for external marketing. A product’s story matters.
  4. Building Teams - helping build teams (most often on the design, engineering, and business development fronts). I admire teams that value initiative over experience. I also enjoy the challenge of scaling operations without compromising what differentiates a business and culture. After all, the science of business is the things that scale, the art of business is the things that don’t.

As a Venture Partner for Benchmark, I help cover the consumer product space, serve on the board of one of our companies, and support portfolio companies on the design, marketing, and product development fronts. I also work closely with a number of other earlier-stage funds.